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Welcome to MiniWilly, a community where men with a smaller than average penis size, can tell their story. It really doesn’t matter whether you are a man with a small penis, a man or woman who prefers them, or even a naturist who feels comfortable with his body. Maybe you are looking for advice and help in dealing with your smaller than average penis. Maybe you are a man or woman who has some exciting and amazing tips to give that person. Maybe you are someone who has thought about giving or receiving small penis humiliation (SPH) and wants to find out more about it.

With an active forum community, and lots of specific groups to join, you will soon be made to feel very comfortable. You will find men and women who absolutely prefer smaller penises and who can help you explore all the positive sides you never thought existed. And you may very well find new lifetime friends, or even more!

Whoever you are, wherever you’re from, you are most welcome here. No judgements. No embarrassment. Just a community who will love and support you for who you are.

Oh, and this site is totally free to join and use. Don’t believe us? Register now and see.

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Latest News

Happy Easter MiniWillyers!

Hey amazing community! As you have probably noticed, we have absolutely smashed the 1000 member mark, which is fantastic.

Work has also started on some additional functions, that will allow users to block or report other users, as well as to purge members who have joined but have never logged in or used the site for a while.

Have a great Easter, and we’ll speak to you on the other side!

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