Make a regular donation to access MiniWilly’s special features

For a very small donation each month, we can offer our fabulous MiniWillyers some extra special features.

To upgrade your membership, please make a regular donation to keep the MiniWilly servers running smoothly. We have our very own Patreon site, where you can donate safely and securely. Why Patreon? Patreon does not store credit card information, you can pledge anonymously (see the Patreon FAQ’s for more information) and no information regarding MiniWilly will appear on your bank statement. It is totally safe to use.

While we’d love it if you donated huge amounts every month, the minimum donation is only $2. Which we know you’ll agree is very good value for money to enable our really cool features.

What are those features we hear you ask?

  • The ability to send and receive private messages to other members. Yep, you read that right. Private messaging. Now that’s got to be worth the cost of a coffee every month, right?
  • The ability to upload photos, videos and other media to your profile page. Let people put a face to your username. Or any other part of your body really.
  • The activity stream – comment on other user’s statuses, create your own statuses to tell people how you’re doing, favourite other user’s posts, use @mentions and all with email notification support so you don’t miss a thing. It’s a bit like the MiniWilly version of Facebook.
  • Full access to the MiniWilly Live Chat system. Stop being a spectator. Join in.

Why can’t it all just be free?

We’d love to be able to provide this coolness for nothing. Unfortunately, these are advanced features that increase our costs of running the site. MiniWilly is completely not-for-profit, but like all websites, it does have expenses. We really hope you understand.

How about a free trial?

Yeah, go on then. All new members automatically receive a one month free trial. For older members, if you would like to start a one month trial, send us a message and we will set you up. In both cases, after one month, you will revert back to being a free user. Sound good?

How do I upgrade?

Head over to our Patreon page. Set up a regular donation. If you have $100 a month to spare, that would be great. But you only need to make the minimum donation. If your Patreon username is the same as your MiniWilly username, we’ll upgrade you within 72 hours. If your usernames are different, please send us a message via our support page so we can find you. And that’s it. Thanks for supporting the MiniWilly community!

Any exceptions?


Send us a message via the support page if you believe you should be considered for a donation exemption. Examples of members who will almost certainly qualify include those who can assist with the running of the site or members of the press/media looking for assistance with stories.

Concerns or questions?

See our support area where you can find frequently asked questions, as well as ways to contact us if you have a concern or question, complaint or feedback.

Every dollar counts!

MiniWilly's only source of funding is your kind donations. We need funding to keep our servers operational and secure, to provide data backups and to develop new features. Even pledging a dollar a month will make a huge difference. You can pledge anonymously, and MiniWilly does not show up on your bank statement. Please support us so we can improve and grow.



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